We had a great run, but Frag Center has come to an end!

09.06.20 - 02.17.21

Read below for full details...

Ceres and I put our own money into this to start it up, to pay for the domain and hosting. Eventually, we opened up donations. We are extremely grateful for all the donations and the participation in the pugs.

Naif setup an amazing website for us as well and profesionally handed things over when he decided to step down from staff.

Unfortunately, a no-life faggot is too jealous of FC so he has spent the last several months attacking our servers. I was still working on things but Ceres decided to dip out and sixers wasn't really saying anything anyways so I'm not going to be maintaining this on my own. I heard over a month ago about some retards saying that I was attacking the server. I already knew about those retarded claims. Retards gonna retard, I guess.

It was most likely either Foreigner or cronos, based only on presumption and knowledge of history & people. Some of my opinion is shared by some other people. Nobody ever spoke up or took credit for the attacks... because they're too pussy to do it.

There was also a surprise I was going to personally pay for, which I already discussed with the creator and he was going to work on it... to better the environment. However, since we are no longer continuing, that special surprise will never be released.

Regarding ipod, I don't know what the beef was between Ceres and ipod -- it seemed like it went back further than FC maybe but IDK. Some of us staff also commented privately about the interactions with ipod from Ceres's end but I think we all could see ipod was definitely intentionally being a troll and causing problems.

This was also something minor and Ceres was making shit happen, actively organizing events and stuff.

-- sneak, 02.17.21